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Welcome on my personal blog.

This is a place of crazy experiments for me to learn web dev. And I'm really bad at it, but eh, it works.
This website runs on PHP7.0, and is poorly written. Don't worry though. Noone will ever see it !


My very first blog post !

I don't really know what to write, this is just a test to see the styling of these blog posts in the future. This website's design sucks doesn't it ?

That's because I made it myself. And I suck at this, obviously.

But you know what I don't suck at ? Coding. So yeah, the design sucks, but the backend seems to be working properly. That's always a plus !

Cheers !

Picarto replays page changes

Sorry for the people who commented previously on the picarto replays page of the website.

The previous comment system was half-assed. If you wanna know how it worked, it was basically a php include of an html web page which was saved every time someone would comment.

This wasn't ideal for several reasons, the first being that this system is unmoderable. It was impossible for anyone to conveniently edit or delete comments ; the second being that the comments were not tied to a specific video.

What are the changes then ?

The changes are quite simple :

  • The new comment system is using a database system to store the comments (MySQL), meaning that I can't erase comments by accident by updating the page.
  • The new comments are each tied to a specific replay, just click on a video and leave a comment on it if you want, that comment won't show up on other videos.
  • Comments now include time stamps. Yes, no one asked for this, I just thought itd be cool.
  • The name field is required.
  • I can now manage comments, delete, and edit them if need be. No censorship, don't worry, but it's still a nice feature to have, isn't it ?
  • As a side effect of these changes, the previous comments were lost. I'm a dummy, I din't intend to delete them.I

What are the other changes, regarding this website ?

Well, as you can see, you'll see a feed of all the news on the main welcome page. This is new, and still needs to be polished, but hey, it's a start ! As with the comments, this feed is also hosted in my database, so it has all the perks it entails. The forum has also been fixed. Yeah, come register and login to chat about nothing and everything. Don't worry, the database is sane, and the passwords are hashed, so no funny buisness here ! Some pages are kinda broken on the main website, this is just because I redid the styling of the menu so that it scrolls with the page. Neato but a bunch of shit has to be repositionned.


That's all I had to say, guys ! Cheers, and Happy Coding !

-- Dogeek